Artikl je uspješno dodan u košaricu
Greška kod dodavanja u košaricu


Capturing an appealing aerial image of wild animals is a very difficult task, since when viewed from above the animals might appear as dots. And with their subdued coloration, two of Croatia’s largest wild animals—bears and deer—blend in with the ground. Because of their shape from above, bears are not appealing subjects for aerial photography. Deer need to be photographed during the winter. In order to achieve an attractive photograph with perfect light and composition, it was necessary to spend a lot of time “on standby” in the air—a costly endeavor. In order to capture this image, which National Geographic Croatia’s editor believes is the best aerial photograph taken of Croatian wildlife, more than 10 hours were spent in flight.

Dimensions: 90x60 cm

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Price: 2,400.00 €

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