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Have you heard of Bhutan's happiness philosophy? Did you know that in Bhutan, progress is measured not by GDP, but by GNP - Gross National Happiness? Did you know that until just recently, Bhutan existed in a state of total isolation; and that as a result of centuries of isolation from the rest of the world, Bhutan has succeeded in maintaining exotic traditions much more than any other Himalayan nation?


Did you know that the government of Bhutan has banned plastic bags nationwide and prohibits tobacco advertisement? Did you know that public dress code and architecture are regulated; and that people wear traditional clothing in public and all homes are built in Bhutanese style? Would you like to know how half a million Bhutanese citizens succeeded in opposing the pressures put on by their billion-population neighbors, China and India; and how Bhutan has succeeded in paving its own, original way?


All this and more did interest Davor Rostuhar, and he sought the answers in his journey through Bhutan. There he hiked lengthwise and crosswise, from the most remote Himalayan valley, across one of the most demanding and beautiful treks in the world: the Snowman Trek. He found the answers in conversations with the many kind and interesting people that he met along the way, and presents these answers to us in the form of stories, songs and photographs; revealing the unique threads of this little-known land of the Far East, or, as the Bhutanese call it, the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Davor Rostuhar:

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