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2014 Klub za ekspedicionizam i kulturu – English language version

In a year when, for the first time in history, the number of people traveling long distances exceeds a billion, The Journey’s Magic searches for answers to several important questions: Why do we like to travel? How do our journeys change us? What impact does traveling have on our planet? Although, in essence, it’s a non-fiction narrative replete with references to scientific literature, The Journey’s Magic also abounds in interesting anecdotes from the author’s first decade of globe-trotting as a professional photographer and travel writer, and takes readers on a journey from tourism’s historical roots all the way to the responsible travel/tourism of the new age.

Today, in the age of “liquid modernity”—an era during which we have all become nomads, and when we as a civilization have thoroughly explored most of Earth’s former terra incognita—The Journey’s Magic takes us on a voyage to new horizons, and offers us new insights and new approaches to travel!


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